Hygiene & Oral Therapy

Hygiene and Oral Therapy Solutions

At Gentle Dental Care we use preventative, educational and therapeutic methods to control oral diseases. Our oral therapists perform clinical procedures such as scaling and cleaning teeth, managing gum problems, performing fillings on children, dental radiography and a range of other services.

Hygiene and Oral Therapy Solutions

Our dental professionals have extensive experience in the industry and bring years of knowledge and practice to the table. Combining the best of traditional dentistry and cutting edge industry practices, at Gentle Dental Care you can rest assured that you’re getting dedicated care at affordable prices.

Say No To Gum Disease with Preventative Dentistry

Prevention is always better than cure. This is especially true when it comes to tooth decay and gum diseases. At Gentle Dental Care we understand this and place a strong emphasis on preventative dentistry, ensuring that we educate each of our patients or their carers about healthy dental habits that will help in retaining strong and healthy teeth.

Purpose Built Anaesthetic Theatres

Is anxiety standing in the way of your oral and dental health? Each of our dental centres offer general anaesthetic and IV sedation capabilities. Learn more about how we can help you overcome your anxiety during complex dental procedures.

Affordable and Accessible Payment Plans

Are financial considerations preventing you from seeking the care you need? We offer comprehensive in-house financing and payment plans to help make dental more health accessible to everyone. Speak to our friendly team about how we can help.