Paediatric Dentistry

Paediatric Dentistry in Sydney – It doesn’t Have to be like Pulling Teeth

Are you looking for paediatric dentistry in Sydney?

Gentle Dental Care offers a comprehensive range of paediatric and orthodontic services to children of all ages. With extensive experience in child dental care, or paediatric dentistry, we go to great measures to ensure that your child’s experience at the dentist is as pleasant as possible.

Paediatric Dentist Sydney

The Gentle Dental Care experience begins when you step in the door with friendly and bright interiors that will keep your spirits up. Our surgery waiting rooms and clinical areas have taken into consideration that the dentist’s chair may be a challenging setting for children (and even adults). With that in mind, our centres have been designed to create an inviting environment.

Paediatric Dentistry – Experience Working with Children

Our warm team of dentists are focused on making every visit for our young patients a positive experience. By doing so we hope to help teach young patients that a commitment to good dental health is easy, fun and something that they should carry into their futures.

Are you struggling to convince your children to maintain healthy dental practices?

Our experienced dentists emphasise preventative dentistry, aiming to minimise factors for decay and gum disease by instilling the value of regular dental care and good cleaning habits, such as brushing and flossing. Entrust the future of your little one’s dental health with a dentist who cares.

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Fully Equipped Anaesthetic Labs

Is your child anxious about visiting the dentist?

Each of our dental centres is equipped with fully functional anaesthetic laboratories with IV and general anaesthetic capabilities to help anxious patients relax during extensive dental procedures.

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