Persons with Special Needs

Dental Services for Special Needs

Gentle Dental Care offers special care dentistry services, such as sleep dentistry, by our experienced dentists at each of our centres in Sydney. This approach to providing treatment allows us to help make oral health more accessible to individuals with intellectual disabilities or those affected by other medical, physical or psychiatric issues. Sleep dentistry can help with patients who suffer from:

  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Physical disabilities
  • Neurodegenerative disease
  • Complex medical conditions
  • Mental illness
  • Dental anxiety or debilitating phobias


Fully Functional Anaesthetic Clinics

Treatment under local anaesthesia, nitrous oxide sedation, intra-venous sedation and general anaesthesia can facilitate complex dental procedures with special needs patients.

Conveniently located in cosmopolitan centres across Sydney we’re easily accessible and offer an astute service at affordable prices.

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The Gentle Dental Care Approach

Our team is geared toward preventative dentistry and consistently emphasise the importance of regular and healthy oral healthcare practices, such as good brushing habits, so as to best retain strong and healthy teeth. We will work to educate both the patient and carer on steps that they can take to minimise decay and gum disease.

Affordable Payment Plans

Certain procedures pertaining to dental health can be lengthy and financially burdensome. This gets in the way of patients pursuing the treatment they need. This is why we offer affordable and accessible payment plans that make our services available to everyone.

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